Planning legislation requires subdivisions be provided with a raft of bushfire protection measures before development consent can be given.

subdivisionIf you are planning to subdivide and develop bushfire prone land, a Bushfire Safety Authority will be required from the NSW Rural Fire Service before development consent can be given.

To gain a Bushfire Safety Authority it is necessary to address a range of bushfire safety requirements in the design of urban development. Whether this is rural or residential, EMBER provides specialised advice on the constraints and measures necessary to design safe, compliant development.

Engage EMBER early in the conceptual design phase to ensure that the bushfire safety requirements are taken into consideration, ensuring maximum block yield, and reducing the likelihood of costly and time consuming design revisions.

Special Fire Protection Purpose Development

Special fire protection purpose developments are properties recognised as special bushfire risk due to large numbers of occupants and an inability to rapidly evacuate. These properties include schools, hospitals, retirement villages and group homes.

Special fire protection purpose developments attract a specific set of bushfire safety requirements in order to ensure the maximum protection for occupants.

EMBER can provide the specialist advice to ensure that your development meets these stringent requirements and provide the documentation to assist with gaining development consent from your approval authority.

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