EMBER takes a “whole of life” approach, offering consulting services for all stages of development.

EMBER provides a range of consulting services focused on assessing new development and construction on Bushfire Prone Land and prescribing bushfire protection measures to minimise the potential impact of bushfires on life and property.

We provide this service at four stages of development:

Gain our advice before you purchase or build to reduce potential costs while maintaining the highest levels of bushfire protection for you and your family.

assessment copy
Have EMBER conduct a personalised onsite assessment of your building site to provide the required information for your Development Application.

Are you subdividing or developing property? EMBER can conduct an initial assessment to guide the planning of your subdivision and support your Development Application.

EMBER specialises in compliance and auditing of bushfire protection systems so that you can be sure you are safe, your home is compliant and you have got what you paid for.

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