Are you constructing on Bushfire Prone Land? Then your Development Application will need a
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment.

bushfire assessmentPlanning legislation states that low risk, low impact development on bush fire prone land can meet the requirements for complying development and in turn simplify the approval process when compared to other development.

EMBER can conduct an onsite BAL assessment of your development and where appropriate provide you with a “BAL Certificate” to simplify the Development Application process.

If you are in the process of designing your house or renovation, EMBER can provide advice to ensure your design achieves the best bushfire safety outcome with minimal compromise of other design objectives. Contact our consultants before you design your dream house to enable you and your designer to take into account the bushfire safety requirements.

Development that is assessed with a high Bushfire Attack Level (BAL 40 or above) is considered high risk, and will not meet the requirements of complying development. EMBER can provide the necessary Bushfire Assessment Report to assist you achieve a highest level safety for your home and importantly gain development consent from your local council.

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