The EMBER Bushfire Consulting Team

EMBER Bushfire Consultants are a team of qualified, accredited and experience fire industry professionals. We take great pride in delivering professional consulting services in a personalized, cost effective and service oriented manner. Our work is provided at the highest industry standard and we are all accredited Bushfire Consultants under the Fire Protection Association of Australia accreditation scheme. Our accreditation is your assurance that our knowledge and advice is current and that our delivery of service is of the highest level.

Jeffrey Dau

Jeff Dau_hsJeff has had 23 years of experience as a professional in the fire services industry. For the past 6 years this has been in a range of fire safety fields including fire safety engineering, bushfire protection, building certification and regulation and urban planning. Other skills include project management and leadership. Jeff has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Science) and two Graduate Diplomas being Fire Safety Engineering and Bushfire Protection.


Robert McGregor

Rob McGregor_hsRob has served 30 years in professional Fire and Rescue services and specialises in Urban and Bushfire fighting, Building Fire Safety, Hazardous Materials, Fire Investigation and Training.  Over this time Rob has experienced many large “campaign fires”, witnessing first hand the destruction that out of control fires can cause. Rob lives in small country town and appreciates why people choose a country lifestyle and understands the very real threat that bushfires pose. Rob views bushfire safety as imperative in an ever-changing rural climate and vital for the protection of life and property.

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